Undo (CTRL-Z) Behavior Change


I am running the trial version of Dorico (1.1.10) on a Mac (OS 10.13) before convincing myself to make the switch. So far, I’m 90% of the way there, but I did stumble upon a bug.

When I first started using Dorico (two weeks ago), I could press Ctrl-Z while in “input mode” (Shift-N) to undo the previous insertion. For some reason, this no longer works, the Dorico begins to undo expression inserts (like sluts, ties, etc) that I made many minutes ago and have nothing to do with the staff I’m inputting notes into (for instance, I wrote a legato violin line with sluts, and am now inputting notes into the cello line - if I press Ctrl-Z, it removes the slurs from the violin line).

The only change I’ve made between noticing the behavior change is installing VST2 and VST3 instruments, if that makes a difference.

Any ideas?

That’s very odd – have you been editing the key commands in the Key Commands page of Preferences? You could try clicking the ‘Reset Key Commands’ button there if it’s shown as enabled – though of course this will mean that any edited key commands will be lost.