Undo does not work

I have had issues since yesterday with the Undo function. It does not undo but selects all or sometimes it goes back to undo something about 20 or 25 steps back but is not able to Undo or Redo anything immediately preceding my latest action. This is worrying because I almost missed this happening and lost quite a bit of working. I would really appreciate your help in solving this.

I tried attaching the diagnostics report but it was too big a file for this, so you can download it by clicking here.

FWIW, it’s a bug that has been numerously reported on the forum but its unrepeatable nature makes it hard for the devs to nail down.

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Yes, I did look through the forum and found other instances in which the Undo did not function but I didn’t see anything specifically like what I’m experiencing which is why I opened a new thread… it does make my life much harder because I literally can’t undo anything I do :tired_face:

Here’s one:

Here’s another:

Typically closing and reopening Dorico gets rid of the problem (which is what makes it all the harder for the development team to track down the problem).


As always, you manage to find/know everything, Leo. I did close the software yesterday and reopened it today and still have been experiencing the same “dangerous” bug. I’ll try rebooting my computer and see if that works. It happens across all projects.

It happened to me once today. Fortunately it’s pretty obvious because everything goes orange. I just deselect and try again. If it malfunctions again, I try editing something else and soon the bug doesn’t recur.

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I rebooted my computer and now the bug seems to be gone. It didn’t go away by simply closing the software and pulling it back up. Let’s hope this bug never comes back. It was quite scary, tbh.