Undo fader volume

Is there a way to undo fader volume and panning movements? Is there a setting in preferences that I have missed, or is this bread&butter no-brainer just absent in Cubase?

I´ve been able to live without it for many years, but it´s always been bugging me and recently really annoying me.


Unfortunately, there is no Undo for these functions.

undo fader? of course!

Ctrl/Apple-clicking a level fader resets it to 0dB.
While doing the same with a pan control will return it to its centre position.

fast & easy, I use it a lot.


This is fast & Easy, but this is not Undo. This is Reset.

oh, sorry!! I was too fast, I don´t have read complete… you´re right! :unamused:

FR: We need Undo for Mixer!

No problem.

Totally agree! And Export, and takes/versions/lanes, and…

As long as it’s a completely separate undo, yes, +1 from me. Something more useful to me would be the possibility to save mixer scenes.

yep, would be a cool feature if it’s like doable with rightclick menus.

Also locking the fader into position without needing to enable automation for it


I agree mixer setting undo should be separate, but it would sure be nice to have.