Undo Functions

Is it possible to " Undo " bounced audio tracks?

Yes it is. Just use the “normal” Undo. The bounced audio file is still there, though.

What happens when you bounce, is that Cubase creates a new audio file and leaves the original untouched. It then changes the events in the Project window, so that they point to the new audio file. When you Undo the “pointing” is returned to original audio file. The bounced audio file is still there on the hard-drive, so you can Redo the Undo if you wish.

If you do want to remove the bounced audio file, you need to do this in the Pool. Just drag it to the trashcan (or use the “Remove unused files” from the context menu) and empty the trash.

Always use the Pool! Never delete the file from your hard-drive manually! If you do, you will get “Missing Files” errors the next time you open the project.

I use the new Track Versions now when bouncing. So, I create a new track version, then bounce and replace. I used to copy the audio first then bounce and replace but the track version feature is quicker and tidier on screen. Anyway, I only mention this because it’s another way of doing a bounce yet being able to get back to the situation before the bounce in later sessions.