Undo goes back to a different past

I’ve encountered a strange problem with undoing. Within a long open-metered flow, in a passage of 8th notes, I placed the caret (insert mode off) just before an 8th note, brought up the triplet popover and chose an 8th triplet. I then had second thoughts, so I pressed cmd+Z to undo, but instead of reverting to the original 8th notes, the triplet remained with two dotted 8th within in. Rhythmically this is actually equivalent to two regular 8th notes, but of course this isn’t desired undo behaviour.
Btw, undoing further just kept going back through the undo history, keeping the two newly created dotted-8ths-within-8th-triplet intact.

I can’t reproduce this in the general case: can you attach a simple project that reproduces the problem? Thanks!

Ok this is interesting: I copied the passage to a new file and could not reproduce the problem either, then I realised that I didn’t copy the text items from the original file (I also omitted them in the jpeg attached to my first post - they’re basically saxophone multiphonic fingering diagrams in text form). So I copied the passage again, text items included, and hey presto, the Undo bug returned.
bug example.dorico.zip (281 KB)

Ok I’m on a roll :slight_smile:
Just discovered another, different, Undo bug.
I’ve attached a short example. Go to the Tenor Sax layout and change the key for the whole passage to B major.
As expected the transposed Bb Tenor Sax is now displayed in the key of Db major and all the notes are step-up-respelled (F# becomes Gb etc)
Now Undo. At least for me this deletes the key signature but leaves the notes in their step-up respelled state. Further Undos don’t work…
Undo bug 2.dorico.zip (362 KB)

Thanks for reporting both of these issues: I can reproduce both. We’ll look into them as soon as we can.

there is one more false undo, but I think it has been mentioned somewhere here. The undo of (in Engrave Mode) moving a SHIFT-ALT-X object does sometimes not work. If it moves too far off the desired position it will move even further when undoing the action - until it is off screen…

This latter problem with the positioning of system-attached text has already been fixed in the forthcoming update.

Super, and thank you Daniel.