Undo group or fx volume change automation bug

I’m just reposting it officially as a bug. It’s been around for years, never addressed. Severity is medium for workflow, requires manual time wasting correction work.

The issue: if you try to, say, grab an audio part near the grey volume automation line and click on this line, accidentally create a dot and drag it undoing this action only undoes the dot, but doesn’t restore the level where volume was set before this accidental click.

How to replicate:

  1. Create empty project
  2. Add a group track. (volume is automatically set to 0)
  3. Click on the volume automation line and drag it down (say, to -12dB). A dot will be created.
  4. Hit undo. (the dot will disappear but the level will stay at -12dB).
  5. Verify in the history that there’s no record of group track volume change that you can undo.

Possible solution: volume change from automation changes like this should be reflected in the history to be undone



User the MixConsole Undo here.

Tried it. There is no entry create for the MixConsole Undo, so your suggestion does not work.