Undo Locators

I keep f…ing up the locator potions, and undo doesn’t restore them back to their previous position. How do I undo changes to the locators.

Aloha K,
I have been wanting this for years.
Or at least I would like to be able to ‘Lock the Locators in Place’.

In my case:
1-I get the locators set and then
2-when trying to place the song position pointer in the timeline,
3-the pointer quickly changes to a pencil type tool and wham;
4-the locators are now at that position.

My work-around is to use the Note Pad to write down the position
of the locators.

Klugy for sure but at least I can precisely get back to a previous state.

HTH (hope this helps)

actually, use the hotkey to save a range locators. Then use one of the “to cycle marker” options.

Mahalo J,

I’ll have a go at that approach.
Thanks again.

It’s super easy. Just hotkey to create range x. When you are working on a range, set to range x

Now if you accidentally get out of whack, use the “to range x”

Curteye, what you describe happens all the time to me.

How about as a workaround insert a cycle marker after you set your locators? I made a KC for “insert cycle marker”.

Then, when the locators get moved, I can select the marker and hit ‘P’ to put them back.

EDIT: JMCecil and curteye had a whole conversation while I was slowly typing in my solution. :laughing:

lol. But I had the same problem. I always jacked up my locators while trying to zoom using quick zoom.

Locator settings would not be a remembered or un-doable function, as there is no tangible effect on MIDI or audio data.