Undo not working in note input mode?

This only started happening after the update. I use ⌘Z all the time to quickly get rid of mistakes, but now it only seems to work for edits that don’t involve note input (ie tempo, bar addition, etc) in Write mode. Did a setting get changed?

Undoing with the caret active is working for me on Mac. Can you be more specific?

It’s weird. Undo works, it’s just not the last action that happened. Rather, it undoes the last thing that was edited while not in not input mode. For example, if I input a series of dynamics, then start writing, then hit undo, it will undo the dynamics and not the last inputed note.

I haven’t found any differences from 3.5 for me so far. I’m suspecting this is some setting, but I don’t know what it could be. If you can make a completely detailed series of steps to reproduce the unexpected behavior, maybe we can track this down.

Restarting Dorico did not fix this, but restarting my system did. Diagnosis: spooky computer black magic.

Good! :slight_smile: For another unexplainable malfunction that I had, see this topic.

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