“Undo” problem

Hi. There are connected applications in my project. You often need to undo the last action, for example, cancel editing notes. But when I press the undo button, external applications fly out of the project. Cubasis says ‘could not connect to… close and try again‘. What to do with it?


Also, offer an option to long-press on Undo/Redo buttons to popup and dropdown of History of Edits to undo/redo to any level. It also helps read what edits were made. Currently, it flashes a popup very briefly while undoing/redoing the change and disappears quickly with no clue of which edit was undone/redone - before we read the popup, it disappears. See popup dropdown on long-press in Nano Studio 2.

Hi Pichkalev,

Cubasis says ‘could not connect to… close and try again‘. What to do with it?

Make sure that all external applications are closed correctly.
Maybe an iPad restart is necessary. (Close Cubasis before)
In the same context, start your external application as you used it with Cubasis and then start cubasis again (or vice versa),
load your project and run Undo to reverse your last step.

If this doesn’t work, maybe it’s your external application, we need an exact step by step description to reproduce your problem.

to powerobject and All,

A new Undo/Redo system with history popup is in progress.

We can’t tell you yet when this will be available to you.


Hi! I deleted the inter-app synthesizers and cubasis. Rebooted ipad. Then reinstall the application. After that the problem persisted. When I click undo a second time, then all inter-app applications give an error. Please see this video https://youtu.be/XB6q_FbAhFo

With AU panel open, if we make a change to the AU and undo, it undoes the change but the AU panel closes for no reason. Please keep the AU panel open after undo