Undo Redo Fail

Hi took the plunge and downloaded Cubasis a hour ago. Getting a problem when I laid some tracks down and made a mistake and used the undo button all my tracks drop out and I get the message “UNDO FAIlED COULD NOT LOCATE THE BACKUP FILE FOR MY PROJECT” This has happened twice when using Cubasis as a standalone DAW and also with Audiobus. Any help would be appreciated?

This exact thing happened to me a couple of times, sure this must be a bug.
Patiently waiting for an update…
All by all, Cubasis must be the DAW for iPad with the smoothest UI and nicest workflow around.

This has been mentioned on other threads too - i am sure they are aware of it but it definitely needs fixing.


yes, we are fully aware of the issues and we are working on a fix for the next update of Cubasis.

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Thanks guys found out via twitter talking to iOS music guys that a workaround is if u double tap on each track after u laid it down and select save to media option it saves the audio file so if u need to undo it has the route to do it. Don’t rename the file as it will not recognise it and wipe the timeline of tracks.

Hi jumpercollins,

To help us fix this problem, could you please post here how to reproduce this error step-by-step?