Undo/Redo for all VST Instruments

The request:
A. Fully featured undo/redo either the same as the previous “bug” which had seperate undo/redo features for the mixer and project sections.


B. Combine mixer and project undo into a single bank that records every change made to every element changed Vst or other in Cubase

Last year it came to some of our attention on a forum post I made that the undo wasn’t working the same for Vst’s anymore.
What we discovered was that the undo feature that had been working for Vst’s wasn’t a feature…it was a bug. Who woulda thought a bug would be that much better at dev than a Dev.

This imo is a feature long overdue and the fact that the previous “feature” akin to solution A. was a bug is laughable.

It worked before. .Make it work again.

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It may be best to be a bit more specific, especially since Local Undo is also missed. Currently there are 2 separate Undos.

I would prefer Local Undo, an undo feature lost a few versions back that was dedicated to the midi editors.

I believe what you are referring to is VST Instrument undo. And yes, that should return too.

Thanks for confirming that it was considered “Local” I’ve changed the title to reflect this.
And what you said is what I thought. Only a month ago did Martin inform the thread I made thinking it was an issue that worked in 12 and not 13…only for find out this “feature” I loved was a “bug” that they have now “fixed”
:+1: Great

I dont think local undo had anything to do with VST instrument undo. And iirc it was around C10 when it vanished.

I think Martin is referring to sonething different thsn that.

Essentially what I remember was cmd z was mixer options z was vst undo. In cubase once upon a time. I’d be happy with that or what every other major Daw has which is just Cmd z for every piece or moved data

PLease edit your initial post in the way that it is clear that only “VST Instrument” data is missing from the undo.
VST audio effects work just fine.
It is really important to be that detailed in order to avoid confusion.

Also - while to you VST equals plugin for Steinberg VST means actually a whole lot more, e.g. there is an entire VST engine working in Cubase under the hood. You cannot necessarily know that. It is important to use the correct terms.

FYG: Local Undo used to be a feature where any changes made in an editor like the Key Editor could be reverted when leaving the editor by means of the Escape key.

There is at least one other undo stack in the program - the zoom undo.
And I am pretty sure there is another one but I currently can’t recall it.