Undo Redo History

Hi, I’m new with cubase and just wondered that Edit History was empty in my recently finished project when i opened it. Is it possible to save Edit History within the projects or it works only during current project until it closed?

No you cant save edit history with the project. It only works until the project is closed.

If something like that is important to you, a clumsy work-around might be to often use Save New Version. Then once you are confident you don’t need those versions delete them in Windows because if you used this feature like the regular history window you will fill up your drive pretty fast.

Hi greggybud: do the backup copies which are automatically saved achieve the same result? I’ve used them to restore a project to a previous state: eg listening to a project with fresh ears the next morning and deciding the last save wasn’t the best version.

Not trying to resurrect a zombie thread, but I find the lack of Edit History strange in Cubase.

I’ve been recording on a Roland VS-2480 for the past 19 years, and it has 1000 levels of undo which are always accessible. If I do a lot of editing I can always get back to the original raw tracks. Once or twice I’ve recorded a 2-3 hr. live performance that needed a ton of Editing, overdubbing and fixing and went over the 1000 Undo limit, but generally I knew that I could come back the next day and Undo anything I didn’t like. On the 2480, you can also always recall an original take to make a new clip.

Strange that Cubase is so advanced but doesn’t offer basic, non-destructive editing.


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Sorry I didn’t see this earlier.

Yes, the back up copies have a .bak extension, and can be used that way, but be careful of this. I don’t rely on auto backups. Iirc, auto back up only happen when Cubase is not in play/record mode. So if you have a back up programed for once every 5 minutes, and Cubase has been in play/record mode for 6 minutes, it won’t back up at the 5 minute mark like it should. This is something I recently discovered reading here. When you use Save New, its a new regular full project version with an added name extension.

I can’t imagine a worse way to get back to a checkpoint of an earlier version of a mix than stepping back through the undo history. If you want to checkpoint any significant milestone versions of a mix that you might want to revert back to, it’s way better to save copies of the project. Reverting to those milestone versions of the mix then is simply a matter of opening the appropriate checkpoint project file.

The undo history is for the purpose of undoing a few operations. Because of it’s linear nature, it is limited to that purpose. For example, you can’t use it to hold alternate versions. But if you have something like the VS-2480 which is not a computer and therefore it’s not easy to manage files, I can see where you might be forced to use it for reverting back to checkpoint versions, even though it doesn’t really work very well for that purpose.