Undo/Redo limitations?

The undo/redo feature doesn’t seem to work for changes made to plugin parameters, adding or deleting inserts/sends, changing eq-settings etc Is this normal behaviour, can it be changed?
It’s easy to make a mistake and delete an insert you’ve spend time customising but pressing Ctrl/Z doesn’t bring it back, please help?


Yes, Undo doesn’t work for the plug-in parameters or changes make in the MixConsole, this is by design.

If Steinberg Team could implement this, it could be really great.

They know it’s a highly desired feature, but it’s not so easy to implement. You might see this in a future version.

Indeed, it’s not trivial to implement, but its’ not rocket science either.
Even if we’ll ever see this (maybe in 9 or 10), Steinberg already is embarrassingly late with it.

In any modern computer application, any action that changes the state of the project needs to be undoable, and by modern I mean software written post 1990.

Most DAWs don’t have mixer undo, including Logic which is Cubase’s main direct competitor.

This would be great for when I’ve spent ages tweaking a patch, then realise that the best version of the sound I had was 3-4 minutes ago and I should have just stopped tweaking then - it would be great be to have this as a feature…might be an absolute nightmare though with 100 undo steps when you’re messing about with sound design.

This has been discussed many times . .

But I really prefer undo as it is.
My main focus for undo is moves, cuts, edits, deletes, etc., all in the Project Window.
The kind of stuff where you can’t just move a fader to put it back as it was.
Piling every fader move and EQ tweak into the undo list would make it HUGE, the way I work.
I generally HEAR what’s happening in the Mix Console and can adjust quickly at any time.
If I think I may have a “Golden” setting somewhere I’ll save it as a Preset.

However, I know many people want this, so I would stress for it to be a Separate undo list.
That would be fine.


True, and one of the reasons they got away with it for so long may be this very attitude. DAW X or DAW Y doesn’t have this or that feature, so it’s all good.

Meanwhile though there are DAWs out there that do have full undo, including VSTs. What now? Shouldn’t Steinberg at least catch up with the competition?

That would not be ideal, I agree, which is why undo steps can be grouped into undo chunks. For example 10 fader moves can be stored into one single undo step if not interrupted by a different action.

It’s quite a tricky thing to get right, which is why I hope Steinberg will make this optional, so we can at least turn it off until fully functional.

I think that Logic has this feature since many years…am I wrong?

I so agree, and most DAW users I know work that way, constantly tweaking and editing.
If it is made separate or the undo history could be filtered I would be all for it.