Undo - Redo Not Working Cubase Pro 11

I have Cubase Pro 11 and basically the Undo and Redo Icons dont work properly.
They seem to work very ocasionally,to all intents and purposes my software has no undo or redo function.
Does anyone know how to solve this
Many thanks , gus

Not seeing that here, nor any other reports of this in the forum…

You got some more info?

the undo function is supposed to undo the last action that I have made,this doesnt happen,when I press the undo icon nothing happens,everything else in cubase is fine.
Is their any way that this can be switched off by mistake either in preference or somewhere else,it really is very strange,thanks gus

No. Do the key commands for Undo/Redo work?

Maybe you mean when a slider is moved? There are a few things that do not get added to the undo menu. What exactly are you trying to undo?

No the key commands dont work

Sorry not too familiar on how to reply on this forum ,unfortunately the key commands dont work

Not sliders,basic stuff like making a mistake editing audio or midi then try to undo and nothing happens

You’re replying rightly… I think you are experiencing preferences corruption. Start Cubase in Safe Mode (search it) and select delete preferences when prompted.

I will do steve,fingers crossed,failing that,ill try a reinstall and hopfully that should work,many thanks , gus

A reinstall may kea e preferences in place so try deleting them first.


Good point. It’s actually rare that reinstalling fixes anything for Cubendo, except where content is concerned.

There are undo redo buttons in main window and in mixer panel window, they cover different commands. Maybe that’s the reason you can’t undo a mixer action in main window or vice versa.

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Thanks Yuri i didnt know that one

To cut a long story short i went into prefrences and selected reset all and hey presto, undo -redo commands were working again, happy days !

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Not really Happy Days At All, I am having to Reset My Key Commands all the time to get them working.
Which is not ideal when i want to allocate key commands my self.
I can see from the forum that i am not the only person to have experienced this.
I aint no expert but i looks like a Gremlin too me.
Im going to have to do a reinstall !!!

Why not try and save the key commands and name them something unique like Angus_Murry_KeyCommands. That will make an XML file. Then if this happens again, you can reload that file in the Key commands window.

Funny you should say that , that’s what I have just done, i dont know anything about XML files ,but as you say I can reload the saved preset. Probably a good idea to save the same key commands presets under a few different names, just in case it after loading my custom presets it happens again,
thanks for the advice, gus