Hi! I’m new here so if I’m posting in the wrong section I’m sorry.
I have a problem with Cubase, I’m currently working on a mix and I opened an FX channel to one of my audio tracks, added a reverb plugin and everything by far is ok, I clicked “Q-link” to change the volume on both the audio track and the FX channel, by mistake I changed the fader too low, so my instincts are you guessed right “CNTRL - Z” to redo, Cubase instead of redoing the faders, deletes the FX channel :cry:
I’m pressing the Undo/Redo button in the upper left corner of the mixer and nothing is happening…
Why it’s doing it? and how to make sure I won’t waste my time again?

In most Microsoft Windows applications, including Cubase, the default KC’s shortcut for the Undo command is Ctrl+Z, and the shortcut for Redo is Ctrl+Shift+Z.

Above you said you did Ctrl+z which is undo…not redo.

Thank you! I’ll try that

Edit: Thank you so much, it’s working fine