undo steps


Is there any way to fine tune the undo steps in cubase?


  1. when i lower a fader, i want the undo step to bring the fader back to the original position.
  2. when i change a parameter on a plugin, i want the undo step to bring it back to the value i had before i moved it
  3. basically, I am missing a useable undo function.

Is there some setting that i am missing?

thanks for any help =)

That’s been a feature request. Can’t use undo for those actions in Cubase.

I’ve often wish we had that. It would be very handy

Yes but hopefully a separate mixer undo list, can you imagine the size of the undo list?

Yes it’s always a bit hit and miss what will and what won’t undo. I usually check the ‘edit’ menu to see what I can undo.

You can undo edits to any automation data, so if you ‘write’ a channel fader at your preferred level, or automate a plug in parameter, eq, send etc, any changes you make afterwards can be undone.


Digital Performer uses a branching system for undo, very nice.

Just want to add a definition for branching undo, which would be a great feature for Cubase. In this manner they solve the problem Split pointed about about how unwieldy the undo list would become.

Would be great to have a separate undo for each panel.

Mixer, midi, vst, whatever is current accepts the ctrl-z

Or could leave “ctrl-z” as it is, and add different “ctrl-(?)” shortcuts for different undos, eg “ctrl-p” undos plugins, ctrl-m" undos mixer etc.

The ability to undo/redo volume and pan adjustments in the mixer would be my number one feature request. The ability to undo/redo changes in plugins would be my second most desired feature request. I can’t count how many times I have accidentally clicked on a volume control and moved it unintentionally, and even when the change is intentional and I decide I don’t like the change, it would be nice to ctrl-z right back to where it was.

Though off topic, my third and fourth feature requests would be:
3. The ability to save FX Channel Track Presets
4. K-System meter integration in the mixer, something like found in PSP Xenon

Nice, after all it would be useless to undo a fader movement done 25 steps ago and loose all the other 24!!!

+1 on this feature request