"Undo" Suggestions

I think if you could use Ctrl Z to undo these things, it would be a wonderful thing:

a) If you accidentally add the wrong plugin to a track, simply press Ctrl Z and it will undo that move.

b) if you accidentally move a fader that’s not read enabled, Ctrl Z does not allow you to undo that move. This would be particularly useful on control surfaces where there are lots of faders - sometimes you grab the wrong fader and you forget where it was exactly, and you can’t undo the move.

And I urge to return the UNDO function during recording!!! (it was all in Nuendo-4). Her absence creates a lot of inconvenience in a “live” working process!
Here is a link to my thread on the Nuendo 6 forum. This section is already closed, and it was clear to everyone what it was about, I bring it here for review. UNDO function during recording - Nuendo - Steinberg Forums
Below, is a continuation of the topic “Undo function during Recording” from N6 forum that is locked:

[ To Lydiot ] -Tested :slight_smile: Method works. Only, as expected: CPU and disc load + extra tracks + twice the disk space. But still - why make the user difficulties? Steinberg made good powerfull DAW programm, I can make a long list of advantages of the program, but - enough already surprises in each new version! Especially with the interface. Why not ask the users - why would they do it? Steinberg I think, just stopped doing Nuendo and Cubase for people with computer DAW and began to do this program for iron NUAGE from Yamaha - make her comfortable. In another way is not to explain these “Puzzles” with the interface, new ideas for project windows ( N7 version), etc. Why not ProTools does so with users? Established workspace, all the functions available in the professional program (which costs a lot of money) cannot be changed without the consent of the users. The more - remove functionality, which, for example, I bought this program.

  • Or am I mistaken?
    Sorry for the lyrics, :slight_smile:

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