Undo while recording

I used to be able to undo while tracking in V4…(I like to edit and trim while I track).

Is there a way to get the feature back?

really??? No one?

115 views and no one wants to help me out…awesome.

Edit / Undo Record, or just delete the part.

I just press Undo on my control surface.

I really miss it too. I do a lot of editing on the fly while recording and this really slows things down.

You can’t do that while “record enabled” which is what I like doing.

Any MODS that care to comment on this feature that has disappeared?

Sorry I can’t offer any help - but I’d like to chime in that this really bothers me as well!

Can I get a mod to answer my question??? I want to know when this is going to be fixed.

will this feature be addressed in a 5.? update?

This bothers me too…not sure what happened there. I like to clean up heads and tails of previous takes while I’m tracking new stuff. Just don’t make a mistake or…

Yes, very annoying change to functionality. I’m all for new features, but not if it means we lose old, valued ones.

For what it’s worth this can only be still when out of record in Cubase 9.5. You can undo punch in and out audio records that you did while playing as long as you came out of record on the track. Pro Tools hosed me a few times when I went into record and I pressed undo and it cleared my last record and it wasn’t in the undo cue. I’d imagine Steinberg removed this feature for much the same reason.