Undo while recording

will we be able to Undo while recording in the new version?

I suspect the biggest problem with that is UI, not internal software.

So you’re recording something, audio is flowing onto a track and showing as an envelope there, and you hit UNDO. How does Nuendo interpret that?

– Stop recording, trash any files made, restore track to previous? No change to disk directory or pool.

– Stop recording, restore track, but keep the files up to the undo moment in case you want to re-do?

– Keep recording, don’t change the transport, but undo the last edit prior to recording?

– If you had changed a record spec or track enable immediately prior to recording, should Nuendo immediately convert the existing recording to the prior spec or track and then keep going?

– etc…

I miss this too.
Used to work like a charm. Didn’t seem to confuse the program at all.

it worked in version 4, so why take it out of 5?

FYI I am talking about an existing event, not the one that is being recorded. Nuendo should behave as if the session is in idle mode.