Please, please can we have a preference to remove selection from ‘undo’. By far the biggest time waste for me in Dorico.

Steve, do you mean as in undo, undo, undo, “oops I just accidentally unselected the specific area of tweaking because I went too far!!!%%$%#”? But then couldn’t you just “re-do”?

Not really… Sometimes I’ve made a lot of selections whilst thinking or trying things. Then I want to undo the last actual change to the notation.
If undo could ignore selection, this would be quick and predictable.

My biggest complaint about the Undo function is lack of clarity. If I click on Edit → Undo, I’d like it to say “Undo Note Input” or “Undo Expression Input”, not just “Undo”. That way I know what I’m undoing.

I also hate that the Undo command doesn’t jump you to the thing you’re undoing. If I input a note and then scroll over 50 measures, and hit Undo, it should jump back to the old location.

I agree with both of those too.