Undoing - - First - - Automation point should return fader/parameter back to previous position

Happens all the time, am I the only one?

Don’t you feel it would be a logical protocol for undoing automation point #1 that it returns the parameter to its previous stat?

I’ve never intentionally put a first automation point and ‘undo’ it just to set fader positions.


Could you describe the issue in step by step manner, please?

My understanding of the issue:


When you click undo, the fader should return to zero???

Yes exactly, it’s not a bug or anything, I just think the protocol should be different. Accidentally placing an automation point on a group or FX volume in the edit window is not a rare occasion. I know, pretty OCD of me.


I see. If you 1st click (and release the mouse) to add the Node, then you move the node down, you get 2 entries to the History. So then you can Undo the move and then Undo the Add Node.

Thanks Martin. That does work. Unfortunately it’s where you might have accidentally clicked, created a node and dragged all in one go that makes it difficult to get back to the previous setting.

Is it possible to tag this as either a bug or a feature request?

yes. Topic moved. :slight_smile:

Yes this is super annoying. I often accidentally click in a node, then undo it, track fader doesn’t return to the potion it was, it simply removes the node. Remembering where the fader was to move it back is always a never. The sense of dread when you see the line move and instantly go through the process of trying to remember.

Yes, and to make things worse. Mixer Undo has no affect here.

That sense of dread…omg yes!!!

This mostly occurs when trying to make a click-drag selection of events and thinking your clicking into empty space and accidentally click dragging in a node. Easily happens, especially if zoomed out and working quickly.

I do believe it was mentioned some time ago but it seems to have dropped from focus as a serious issue.

Yes, this topic appears time to time and it super annoying issue.
Esspecially on latest mixing stages, when you accidentally touch the automation line and cant return it to the previous volume. Please change it’s behaviour!

This is a great protocol change for Cubase 11.

Yes… lets hope so.

Fingers crossed.

I see this topic about undoing the first automation point was raised over 1 year ago but it seems that the same issue is still there in cubase 12. So I am here to resubmit this problem because many of cubase/nuendo users I know find it really annoying and should be solved.
p.s. I am sorry that my voice might be impolite here as I am not good at expressing things in English :cry:

+1 for this. Also, I would love to see a mode where you can only select existing automation points (to edit them), which would remove the accidental creation of new automation points (and vice versa, a mode where you can only add new automation points and don’t run the danger of accidentally selecting an existing one and moving it). While on the topic, it would also be great to have a “snap to” grid for automation values, say, only integer percentages or integer dB values.

Maybe some of these features exist and I just don’t know about them?