Uneditable Insert problem/bug?

Can anyone please tell me why I can’t add insert effects to a channel please?

As soon as I add one, whatever the insert number, they are blanked and I can’t edit them.

This issue happened after a plugin appeared to crash, which I’ve since removed, but the issue remains even when loading Cubase and the song again,




Are you using Plug-In Delay Compensation? If yes, try to switch it Off.

Thanks Martin, yes I am. I’ll try that, but is there any way around it. I need it on as I have 3 instruments on the bass, with different inserts which seem to need the compensation.

Guess it’s a bug?


It’s not a bug!!!

Thats how constrain delay compensation works, It switches off inserts that cause latency in the system.
Please read the relevant section in the manual for more detailed information on that particular function as it’s not as simple as you think. Page 189 and 216

OK, ta. Shame they couldn’t come up with a better way of doing it though.

Ye cannae change laws of physics, Jim

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Did you try to increase the “Delay Compensation Threshold” in preferences -> VST.
Only plugins with a delay higher that this setting will be disabled.

Yep got it, will be trying later, and going through the manual on that section. I’ve not actually read a Cubase manual since the Atari days blush

Thanks :slight_smile: