Uneven space between systems

In this example I have used “Make Into Frame” to get four systems on the page. I wonder why the spacing between system 1 and 2 is almost double the spacing between the rest of the systems. Here I think the “Space systems evenly” feature in Finale would be handy. What am I doing wrong? (I don´t want to start and tweak the spacing between each system manually.

First of all, I wouldn’t sort out the vertical spacing until you’ve got 3 or 4 bars in that third system.

As ever, it’s always difficult to tell what’s going on without seeing the whole document – options and all.

I wonder whether the rehearsal mark is causing it?

Whenever you overfill a page, vertical spacing tends to get a bit wonky. As this page is at 103.1%, I’d see if some combination of Layout Options could get it to under 100%, then reevaluate what’s going on.

Thanks, @benwiggy. (I know about that third system).

It was actually the staff attached text (Kortstokkhæren:) which caused the reversal mark to position high above the system:

Setting the position of the text to “below” in the properties, solved the issue:

In my first post, I had manually dragged the text and the rehearsal mark, and I thought that this would make Dorico recalculate the vertical spacing. I guess this thread is debating the same issue: Suggestion for Rehearsal Marks (placement with other objects)