Unexpected GPF Error

Why incomplete arrange can cause GPF error for loops added in the next day expecting?

“don’t ask me why all my posts are that kind of effective spiritual behavior”

I found that the driver, as solution, not as following task… The driver of my sound card has caused the problem on the sequencer identification. I has saved it again and it appears normalized.

Weird, it happens all the time in my file checking…

Maybe I have to win all the battles without sleep!

Speaking serious, maybe it is because I’m learning music, not at all computer as Cubase is made.

“AppName: cubase5.exe AppVer: ModName: u-smooth.sep ModVer: Offset: 000013ce” is repeating the error, may it help for remediation but after a full day of tasks has repeated.

What’s that? Why?

I have saved it with other name file, the file has loaded normally, but after a while opening it to see it, it again has caused the GPF error. Now that option to save with other name file. is not working, may in the next step for what what I’m telling without that want to express it with the buffer overflow it will’s to be, not be able to save the file with the sound card off!

I found that the Free VST Plug-in, the Pitch-Shifter called “Unstable” from De La Mancha Project (www.delamancha.co.uk) is causing the error. Anyway, I’m still curious, what is this?

I have resolved this issue, but nothing is related than the unability for the plugin to load.

  • After that I have received the message error, which Cubase means to be told:

A serious problem has occurred: Please try to save your project under another name and then restart cubase5.exe.
If the problem persists please contact Steinberg technical support with a description of what you do to create the problem, and the created file C:\xx\Steinberg\Cubase5.log.

Click ‘ok’ to be informed about further occurences of serious problems. or ‘cancel’ to supress these warnings in case of cascading warnings!

The message error just don’t responds in any of the options and keeps crashing in cascade hungin the program. I have received those messages before, but at overall nothing really continuous (I’m not saying about the cascade in “continuous”) modifying the environment. I do environment on that arragenment which also responds as physical fraction. For years it’s not the only problem I’m having with musical software and computer environment. Since I have decided to do something of my life for the dream I have since I know it as something interesting, it has tried different ways and has not completed my life understandable, but I have learned, and in errors I know, but it’s music. I’m still learning!

I was thinking this was only a piracy problem, but now I’m thinking that is not the only problem, but compatibility and physical fraction interrupt every step I make just like I am followed by dreamers, so them that enquires what’s best for the environment but not in my own duty, so it’s not a problem in my all steps, “but it’s being always related to my moves”, not as the program I have purchased. Every step I take, every move I make, every single sound follows errors because of my rights!

It’s difficulty to explain, I don’t want to talk about that, It hurts, it’s not intelligent! It’s very wrong, but seeing it by what I has established I found that money do the course, but that is not the option I has made to make my life on that (not in the physical) possible! Money is just the part which represents the physical fraction, but the physical fraction is trying more! My environment, my life!

about this message I was only trying something to render some wave, but that followed this error, I think I can say this by everything else, how many times I want to repeat or modify without errors in the environment, but that don't think the same, it's another error

I just lost my settings in the physical fraction that is insisting to rollback. I’m not talking that in that Undo is a problem, but the error! (undo is not the error)

No error has been applied to the log about this date in error or any other about the topic.

I am what I am, it don’t means I will be used for this!

I know several persons which don’t have this problems, pirate or original, but I have it! They just don’t have all that in complexion like I have on errors!

I continue here, wanting information, giving information, without information, getting errors!

I always don’t feel secure to follow up in continue my tasks, and I am awared in warnings and errors which has destroyed my settings changing conclusions, or just getting lost for the environment, saving in backup or not, what I prefer generally “not”. Doing backup in environment construction, I’ve lost many settings in arragenment, not worse than loose melody, but is so cruel as equal wants to complete, but easer in save it. Why? Why It’s not environment or frequency dependable for the gambling the program have in code for the protection in originality, which accordingly finds the terms, but haven’t it as main profile for the frequency and sometimes costs more than the master and processing.

I woke up following here mixing in masters!

I have been invited for the Windows XP since the alpha project. I bought it years later, but purchased. I have been inquired for the alpha/beta Version on eMagic Logic, which I have tested, and in the beginning not liked the complexion, but after with a final copy, understood… but not in regards in the end of the compatibility for Windows.

I was expecting that was the end of this post even not without the cascading and GPF drama for the already mentioned problems. But that is not only a direct problem, but a logical in the physical problem. I know that has the Intelligence it suppress to affirm, but also it is having the supremacy to negletiate. Everytime I touch it, it keeps responding as errors and dysfunction, maybe that is just a challenged in course; “occurrence”; and will change after normalization. But the last one, and about that message in topic, has changed the bit-rate and in not regard has transformed the entire arrangenment in a pitched-shifted track, it has normalized after I has changed it to a suppressed bit-rate. but has no meaning than another cascading errors in save and exit. - I was only modulating a VST synth after, and that appeared, but no relation, than frequency, not even Cubase…

I’m living in danger here for my 32bits…