Unexpected Lyrics pop-over behaviour when adding a new verse to cue size staves.

I have a score section scaled to cue size with two lines of lyrics already present and I want to add one more verse. This is how I proceeded:

  1. I set the scale in the property panel to cue size and select the note where I want the 3d verse to start from.
  2. I Invoked the Lyrics pop-over (SHIFT L). When I switched to the 3rd verse (down arrow twice), the scale option in the propertie panel was grayed out and ALL THE WORDS ASSOCIATED WITH THE STARTING NOTE IN LYRICS 1 AND 2 were changed to NORMAL size.
  3. When I typed the space to continue the 3rd verse, the first word appeared in NORMAL SIZE as well as all the subsequent ones. Setting the scale to cue size (when it is reactivated during typing) had no effect, since it was grayed out at any space, hyphen or ENTER key press.

See the attached image with the mixed size lyrics. Note that the behaviour will be the same if I double click at the starting note, to automatically invoke the Lyrics pop-over.

The only way to add the new cue size verse was to complete it in NORMAL size, select all its words (using filtering) and manually change the scale to cue size in the property panel. I had also to select the words in lyrics 1 and 2 (which were automatically changed to NORMAL size) and change them back to cue size.

I am new to Dorico (I decided to switch to it, after 10 years of Sibelius usage, just with 3.1) and I may have used the wrong process. Thanks in advance to other members who may confirm.

P.S. This issue is similar to the one in topic: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=144360
(a user tried to edit a word in a cue size lyrics and that was changed to normal size).
Daniel already said that this was due a current limitation in the lyrics creation, but I wonder if this applies to ADDING A NEW VERSE as well.

If you edit an existing lyric, the existing lyric (and its properties) are deleted and immediately replaced with a new lyric.

As far as I’m aware when you create a new anything it’s impossible for its scale to be set until the thing actually exists.

Hi Pianoleo,
For the lyrics editing problem, I agree with the reason behind it you reported, as also explained by Daniel in the post I mentioned.

For the main problem of my post (adding a new verse to a cue size score), I’m rephrasing your comment, to see if I understood it correctly:

“In Dorico you cannot define a scale value for a NEW object (ANY new object). You can only set scale for an existing object”.

This “postulate” explains the issue: my expectation was different, probably driven by how easily I edit Sibelius lyrics (not that Sibelius is so good for ENTERING lyrics!). I assumed that, when you add lyrics to staves where everything is cue size, they should get by default the same size: this seems to me the most natural (and quickest) way of working.

Actually the problems I mentioned in my post included the fact that entering a new lyrics verse, changes the cue size scale of EXISTING lyrics objects, which I believe should NOT occur.
Thanks for your very useful comments,

Manually making individual items cue-sized makes just those items cue-sized.
If you want everything on a stave (including the stave) to be cue-sized, right-click on anything on that stave and go Staff Size > whatever.

The score fragment I used to test the problem already had two staves with “everything cue-sized”. I used a slightly different way to arrive at that point starting from a normal-sized score: I window-selected the staves and changed the scale to cue size in the properties panel.
I did not now about the right-click Staff Size > command, but I assume this is exactly the same as using the properties panel. Can you confirm?

It’s absolutely not the same thing. With the context menu command (which also stands in the Edit menu, if I am not mistaken) you change the whole staff and everything on it in one go. With the properties panel, you have granular control over every element but the staff.

No. I’ll say again: if you select a load of stuff and make it cue-sized from the properties panel, each individual item is independently scaled. Dorico does not know that you mean for everything on that stave to be scaled. It just knows that the particular assortment of items you’ve selected should be scaled. If you add more notes, text, playing techniques, dynamics etc. to that stave then they will be full sized until you select them and scale them down.

If you right click on a staff and tell Dorico to make it 75%, everything that is already attached to that stave will be scaled to 75% and anything you add in future to that stave will be scaled to 75%.

Thank you all! Clear explanation of the very important difference between the two procedures/commands to change the staff size.