Unexpected Undo (cmd-Z) behaviour

Hello, I have not heard of this before.
Yesterday I needed to Undo a step in Dorico 4. I used the cmd-Z shortcut. Instead of the expected Undo I got something like “Select All”.
This happened three times in a row, I don’t know how? Even repeatedly hitting cmd-Z did not improve the situation, the score was stuck in the Select All mode…

It looks as if you’ve inadvertently changed the keyboard layout to another language layout.

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I have this same issue, but it’s intermittent. If I close the app and reopen, the problem resolves. I have not been able to make any connection between my keyboard layout language. It only began happening when I updated to the M1 Mac Studio a few months back.

Yes, it’s a known bug now (ignore my previous answer), but one very complicated to resolve because nobody has managed to provide a clear path to provoke it.

Ah! Makes sense. It has happened to me several times, but I have no suspicions. I’ll try to pay closer attention and report back. Thanks!

I’ll have the case of an additional behaviour, that, if I copy some bars from one system (with cmd-C) and then go to another system and try to paste with cmd-V, suddenly everything gets selected (turns orange) and nothing has been pasted.
If I instead use the menu “Paste Special” and choose “to voice 1” the pasting works.