Unexpected Video Attach Behaviour

I’m using Final Cut Pro X to render video which I then attach to a Dorico flow.

If I re-render the video to a file with the same name (FCP replaces the original file), Dorico doesn’t reload the video and the first rendering plays instead of the new rendering.

If I detach and then re-attach the re-rendered video (which has the same name as the first rendering), Dorico still plays the first rendering. The only way to use the newly rendered version is to change the file name.

Quitting and restarting Dorico doesn’t change this behaviour.


It certainly doesn’t surprise me that Dorico doesn’t pick up a change in the video file while it’s running and while the project that references it is open: there’s no infrastructure to watch the file for changes. Our assumption was that users wouldn’t be editing both the video and the score at the same time on the same computer, but it goes to show that there’s always somebody who does things you don’t expect!

However, it’s odd that Dorico doesn’t pick up a change in the file when you restart the application. It does cache some information about the video file, e.g. the exported audio track(s), but my understanding is that it always gets the video data from the file itself each time you play back. I’ll need to check with the video engine team if my understanding is correct.

That explains what was happening: the audio is not being reloaded so the cached version must still be being used.

Thanks, Daniel.