Unexpected volume difference in succeeding notes

This is a Cubase question but I have to explain it in terms of a problem with a VST…
I recently bought an electric piano VST called Lounge Lizard which I like except for one major annoying problem: At certain pitches if I place two notes next to each other (but not overlapping!) the second note is played very LOUD, as though its velocity is set to max. I can fix it only by backing way off on its velocity. This is not a result of some trailing-off resonance from the first note - it happens even if all fx (reverb etc) are turned off, and it lasts for the entire duration of the second note, e.g., if the first note is an eighth note and the second one is a half note I get a half-note of loud.

I want to send the maker, AAS, a bug report but I’d like to see the output of the VST inside the Cubase pipeline. I’ve tried MIDI Monitor but it only seems to show the input velocity, Value2, which is the same for all notes. I’m not sure what Value3 represents. I can easily see the loud effect in the mixer but I’d like to show them some hard data. Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

MP3 -

No there is not.

Is it an overlapping note?

The image shows the wrong info. The notes’ lengths in the key editor need to be visible, which they are not.

They’re not overlapping - they’re each a 1/16 note long and snapped to 1/16 note boundaries. But is there some way to show that in Cubase other than taking a separate screenshots of each note selected to show it individually in the Info Line?

Maybe the List Editor.

But if they don’t overlap. consider possibly that this is a “round robin” problem. Multiple samples for the same pitch play one after another to sound a bit different in order to avoid mechanistic playback. It’s a not too uncommon samples problem in some VSTs.

Does this not happen when the pitches are different? If so, the problem is elswhere.

It does not happen when the pitches are different. It also doesn’t happen when the notes overlap - only when they abut perfectly.

But the volume difference is incidental. (AAS has to fix that, but I wanted to give them as much information as possible) The original title of the thread was “Any Way To Look inside the Cubase Pipeline?” and that’s still my question. This thread is about learning better tools and analysis methods for debugging in Cubase. MIDI Monitor only gets you so far. Is there any way to use VST Connections or the Control Room to gather information? Or are there 3rd-party debugging tools for Cubase? Surely Cubase has tools to instrument other parts of the pipeline, like the output of VSTs, so I was hoping someone in the Cubase community to suggest some.

No, afraid not.