UnFence Me

A piece of music I recorded with SX3.
The song is by a friend of mine, Glen Terry.
The music is here. Hope you enjoy and as always comments a very welcome.

It’s sad to have it on Youtube, the sound is very bad.

The song seems very nice, good groove.

Sounds pretty good Rob. Snare sounds a bit too “out the mix” to me, bring it down a few db?
Apart from that, good stuff :sunglasses:

Hey thanks philer - you’re right !!!
It’s amazing how I could miss something so obvious. Appreciate the input and thanks again :slight_smile:

Yeah… not a bad song, but for me it felt dynamically very flat… 4 and a half minutes of the same thing pretty much. The drums were very repetitive… and the hats seemd very ditached from the rest of the drumkit in what seems a very mono-ish mix otherwise. Also, I think vocally introducing a lot more feeling e.g. injecting a sense of ‘suffering’ -particularly in the line thatactually sings that word for example, would really benefit. As it is, the singer seems rather indifferent if you know what I mean.

I think this could actually be a really good song but for me, the way it is presented at the moment it feels flat and consequently feels like it meanders somewhat. Both the arrangement and the vocalist just aren’t conveying the level of sentiment and feeling I’d like to hear given the subject matter. Does that make sense?


It does to me, Ian. :wink:

It’s a good song, but it could do with a bit more variation.


Thanks for your input Sherz - much appreciated & yes, it does make sense - I completely agree.

Thanks for putting it up. I enjoyed, but agree it doesn’t go beyond the good vibe established at the beginning. Nice sounds though.

It’s a very good thing to get constructive criticism – invaluable !!! Can only make us better musicians I reckon. And it’s my pleasure to hear what you guys have got to say – excellent.

Nice vocal!

I agree about how the drums are in a completely different space than the vocal and guitar solo – sounds weird. Also… the track has a monaural feel to it, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all, except the hi hat is all alone, by itself panned to the right. Either spread everything out, or bring that hat back to the center with everything else. I also agree that the drums and rhythm acoustic could use a bit more variation, so it sounds more natural.

Again, nice vocal