Unfinished Cubasis 3 is annoying

I’ve just finished a complete track with Cubasis 3 and I’m as disappointed in Steinberg as I’ve never been in all these years. I would have liked to stop in between, because the many bugs are so annoying that you just lose the desire to work with this app. There are so many that I am not willing to list them all. It starts with harmless bugs, that you suddenly can’t get into the editor when you double tap a MIDI file. Only closing and reopening helps. But the worst bug is when you suddenly hear a hanging note in the background that gets louder and louder and in the end leads to a total crash. Then the app catches itself again and you can continue. Unfortunately, this happens constantly every few minutes. The performance itself is also catastrophic. For example, I have a short audio sample with a kick in a track and every time it comes into play there are massive dropouts and the DSP display goes to 100%. Always only the first time. After that it runs normally. No matter if in the loop or as the only track in the project. It helps to freeze the audio track. I don’t know why. It’s the same audio as before.
I would now just like to know if there is finally once again an update with bug fixes, because I will no longer use the app in this state? Should that not be the case, I’ll look for an alternative.

By the way, I use an iPad Air 3 and the latest iOS.

Bye _marshMellow

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Hi @marshMellow,

Thank you for your message.

We are sorry to read that you have issues with Cubasis, which normally should definitely not be the case in normal use.

To quickly get around the issues, please check these steps:


  • Please go to “Setup/Audio” and set “Hardware Latency” to “OFF”

(1) Please go to “Media/Projects/Templates” and open “New Project” via double tap.
(2) Close all running apps, including Cubasis.
(3) Fully shut down the iPad.

Please check:

  • Are you encounter the problems, when restarting the iPad and using Cubasis on its own?
  • Does the problem appear, when adding 3rd party apps? If yes, which apps create the issues?

In addition, you might want to give our dedicated Cubasis 3 performance issues article a look too.

& stay safe,