Uniform or copy Part Layout

I have finished an arrangement for full windband and is preparing print. Two questions about layout:

  1. It is really time-consuming to change orientation to portrait, allow multirests, stop showing long and short instrumentnames, and change note-size on every part manually in the Setup-window.
  2. In Engrave window every part must change Masterpage to “default Part”. I have changed the default to “My part”, and it now shows arranger instead of lyricist. But on every part I have to move frames, the music frame and the Lyricist-frame. Then all the music can be only on one page. But I cannot save the “default part” with the frame-changes.
    I have tried the forum - but I must admit I have forgotten the videos.

You can select all the layouts you want to be affected by your changes at once in layout options. Use ctrl- or shift-click or the buttons at the bottom of the list on the left side of the window.

I’m not a master page expert… hopefully someone else can help you with the second question.

I’m not sure I follow your second question, Arne. If there is a specific master page set that you need to use for your part layouts, then this choice too can be made for all layouts at once in the Layout Options dialog by selecting all the part layouts in the left-hand list, choosing the appropriate master page set on the Page Setup page of the dialog, then clicking Apply.