Uninstall Cubase 10 after updating to 10.5?

Hi, I’m actually a baby Cubase user…switched over completely from Pro Tools in like September 2019. So I just recently (yesterday) updated to the Cubase 10.5 from 10 because…why not. I noticed, however, that Cubase 10 is still an app in my launch pad. Am I supposed to uninstall Cubase 10, or is it just a ghosted icon? It seems weird to me that after updating I’d have BOTH versions still on my machine. Any recommendations or can anyone share what they do when they do a major update? I’m running it on an iMac with MacOS 10.15.4 (Catalina). Is it a bug, or is it common practice with major Cubase updates to remove the old app?

Hi and welcome,

You are right, Cubase 10.5 is independent application from Cubase 10.0. This is as specified.

Yes, you can delete/uninstall Cubase 10.

But I would not uninstall it! Sometimes you can get a project that has issues in one version and works in the other. It is very very rare, but I had a project made in 9.5 that got corrupted and in the end opened in C6. After saving it there it worked again in 9.5. It would not open in 7 or 8. With a licence for 10.5 you can use versions way back.

I keep the old version for a couple weeks, until I’ve opened the most of the recent projects I’m working on, and until I’m sure that they open and run without issues in the new version. Then I uninstall the previous version.

Also, in any case, I don’t uninstall the previous version until some updates have been released for the new version (e.g. 10.5.xx).


In the worse case, you can download and install Cubase 10 again from the Steinberg Download Assistant