Uninstall from root Dorico 3.5 mac os high sierra

I have a MacBook pro that I no longer use and now my wife is using it and I want to uninstall from root all the software that she will not use in her day to day, for example dorico 3.5 and Cubase 10.5, do you know if there is an uninstaller for mac or what are the routes that I must follow to uninstall from root?

I don’t know of an Uninstaller, but if you wipe out
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg
~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg
you get rid of most of the stuff. That is especially all the contents files.
And of course you need to clear the Applications folder from anything Steinberg.

You may want to deactivate the licenses first.

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For eLicenser-based software (earlier than Dorico 4 and Cubase 12) there’s actually no way to deactivate those licenses yourself.

Thank you very much, about the uninstaller I was referring to the app that usually have some software (comes with its installer and uninstaller) especially for Windows that when you run them delete everything.

These routes should be sufficient

That I was actually referring to, but as I said, to my knowledge nothing exists like this on Mac for Steinberg products.

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