Uninstall / install Cubase Elements Trial to Cubase AI

I’ve been using the Cubase Elements 11 trail software for a week and I’ve just bought a new UR22mkII interface to connect an old Yamaha PSR-225 keyboard. The UR22mkII came with free Cubase AI. With a view to the time it takes my question is: do I need to completely uninstall all of the Elements trial software trial before I use my access code for the AI version, are any parts of the installation common to both versions? I should add that I don’t have anything of value saved so far so I don’t need to worry about loosing any set up’s or presets.

The programs are completely separate in terms of their preferences, licensing and installation. The VST content is shared though.

When the Elements trial expires, some content will no longer be licensed so you’ll see error dialogs to that effect.

Thanks for the information Steve. When I installed the trial I only downloaded and installed the required and recommended items. So I should be able to leave all the HALion Sonic and Groove Agent SE instruments and contents and just uninstall Cubase Elements application. That should save me quite a bit of time.