uninstall Instrument Set HSO.pkg


I tried the Trial version of Instrument Set HSO.pkg unfortunately with no success. Probably I did not do it the correct way, so I could not hear the sounds.

Now I cannot find the way to uninstall it. I looked everywhere on the Steinberg support pages but so far I did not find it. If anyone knows how to do it, please let me know.

Thank you!

You’re a Dorico user right? The full version of HSO comes for free with Dorico, so there’s no reason to use the trial version. Try redownloading Halion Symphonic Orchestra and Halion Sonic SE through the Steinberg Download Manager (Click Dorico 1) and install them from there.

Thank you, Romantique.

I re installed it and this time I opted for the full version no problem. The first time I installed it, it asked me for a license code.

I still get a problem with location of files for the reverbs. I’ll attach a screenshot. If you know how to solve it, it would be great. I did a search on my hard disk and all I can find is the presets, no the wav files.

Thanks for your help and time.

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These should have been installed with Dorico. You can download the full installer using the download manager. Installing Dorico again should keep all your settings.

Hello Romantique,

Thank you so much. I did the full install and it solved my problems. Great!

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