Uninstall Nuendo 8 before installing Nuendo 10?

I’m just preparing everything to install Nuendo 10.

Do I need to uninstall Nuendo 8 to install Nuendo 10?

Can they coexist?

they can coexist

Coexists perfectly

Thank you very much. Appreciated!

On my test rig I keep Nuendo 5, 7, 8 and 10 on Win 10/64.
Works flawlessly…

Servus, Big K

No problems here. Except - Groove Agent SE. It doesn’t load GA SE if it was in your project. When you install N10 it causes the same problem in N8.

Better hide the prefs of the previous version so Nuendo 10 doesn’t try to use them. That way you start with clean prefs (recommended).

Sorry for the question, I’m new to Nuendo (used it back in version 1 and never again). How do I do that?

Check this:

Thank you!

… with licenses on the same dongle?

On your dongle, the N8 license will be replaced by the N10 license.
Any license allows you to open/use a lower version of the same application.
So with your N10 license, you can run N8, N7, N6, N5, etc …


I can work on Nuendo 8 or Nuendo 10 with the same eLicenser. After I ran a maintenance routine on the eLicenser software I ended up with a Nuendo 10 license in the dongle (which was also registered automatically on my MySteinberg account) which runs both.

Thank you!

Thank you!