Uninstall previous versions?

Today I upgraded to Artist 9.5 from Artist 9.0 and that from 8.5. I now have 3 complete installations on my PC even though I only use the most recent version

If I choose to uninstall the old versions using “Programs and Features” -> “Uninstall or change a program” will it mess up the Artist 9.5 installation? Doesn’t the upgrade reuse a lot of the content previously used by 9.0 as the full installer is 9GB larger than the upgrade? Will the shared resources remain intact??

It would be useful if the installer offered the option to keep or remove the previous version during the upgrade process.


Agreed - this would be nice. You might post it in the Feature Request forum: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=252

That’s not really necessary. Just go to Programs and Features and uninstall ONLY your previous versions of Cubase. It wont touch your content.

Is this the same for the AI version 9 to 9.5 I got with all my CMC pads? Just delete the v9 install via Programs and Features after 9.5 is complete… and registered? Currently downloading the 9.5 AI via Download Assistant (5.89gb) since is only way I see to get it going as of today. I haven’t had the funds to upgrade my Artist 8.5 yet, but will get to it eventually. The AI keeps me in touch with some of the new features so I don’t feel too left out until then.

Yes, the same applies to all versions. If you scroll down the list you’ll notice that the content and plugins have separate entries.

Great! Thanks so much Romantique Tp, and for the amazing quick reply too!
Cheers and Rock On!

Great question btw Russell, I thought and wondered the same. Thanks for asking so I could get it figured out here also!

Well, all went fine until I tried to open the new 9.5 and it didn’t find my residing AI 9 auth via elicenser! :frowning:
I created a help post in the AI section for this, hopefully the Cubase Crew will see it soon and be able to help me out.
Assuming this is a problem because only a full download was avail and not a simple update option.

I would not expect the v9 license in the eLicenser to be affected by an uninstall. Is that what you’re saying happened? How would v9 have worked previously if the license was not there?

Do you see the v9 license in the eLicenser Control Center?

Did you enter the new 9.5 licence in the eLicenser Control Center?

Oh no. I didn’t uninstall v9 yet, so not related. Yes, v9 worked fine, and the elicenser works fine for it. I assumed that the newer v9.5 would use same auth since its same product, but something is missing apparently. I may end up having to wait for the official update and not use the full load option I did. I’m sure Steinberg team will get it all worked out.

When I paid for the upgrade (it’s not a free update) I got an activation number for 9.5 that I had to enter in the eLicenser. It does not use the same activation as v9 but does check that v9 is there to confirm that you’re eligible for the lower upgrade price.

That’s because it’s an UPGRADE (not a free update) and as you had not paid the upgrade price that version was not offered. Check the online store for the upgrade price.

Oh man, Ok I feel stupid. I’m used to same versions being free updates in other things I guess. I had never checked my Artist for prices since I knew I was behind with 8.5 already. There isn’t really an active info page for updates and such for AI that I have seen besides the basic info page that isn’t easy to find. So, thats my excuse. he he
Thanks for clearing that up for me. All makes sense now!

Even Steinberg uses the term Update when it’s really an Upgrade. I only learned about it from an email from them this morning with a link to ‘buy now’.
Glad I could help resolve the mystery :slight_smile:
(I’m usually the one who needs help )

Tonight I uninstalled both v8.5 and v9 and it worked fine.
It did not break anything and v9.5 loaded with all parts intact :slight_smile: