Uninstall/Re-install Question

Currently using Cubase Pro 10.0.50. I attempted to update a few days ago, but when I did, Cubase developed several glitches. So I rolled back to 10.0.50.

However, I still have the glitches, and I keep finding new ones.

If I uninstall Cubase and then install the latest version:

  1. As part of the uninstall, do I need to delete any registry keys?
  2. Will Cubase remember my various settings and preferences? If so, where are these stored?


PS: The Glitches:

a. Audio playback drops out intermittently, every few seconds. The transport keeps going, but no sound. However, audio I am feeding into Cubase from a hardware synth during these dropouts keeps playing. It’s only the audio being generated or played back within Cubase that drops out.

b. Cubase can’t find my 3 newly installed VST3 files. Yes, I did a scan, and the folder in which the VSTs are stored is on the list of folders to be scanned.

c. My Cubase project file icons look different. They are no longer the Steinberg logo; they are plain white.

d. Sometimes MIDI notes become stuck. (They keep sounding and won’t stop.)

e. My Audio Connection presets have disappeared. IOW I can longer select them from the Preset list under Studio/Audio Connections.

f. The Transport destinations I had checked become unchecked. (OK, this was happening all along.)

f. For clarification, I meant the MIDI Clock and MIDI Timecode destinations.

Well I did the uninstall/re-install, and things are more or less back to normal. I have one pressing issue, which I’ll post in a new thread.