Uninstall ver 9.5 ?

Hello !
Updated successfully to ver 10. What shall I do with previous version ? If not longer needed, easiest way to uninstall ?

I use a free program called CClean. It’s a great program, btw. Load it and then open it. Under the ‘Tools’ sub header on the left hand side of the program window, after you click on it, you will see it open to an ‘Uninstall’ window. Find your Steinberg 9.5 and then click on ‘Uninstall’. It will be removed.

I just used Windows 10’s own ‘Uninstall programs’ feature and it worked fine.

I highly recommend not removing the previous version of Cubase when installing a new version. It might seem like everything is working fine now. But in a couple of months you might load an old project and discover that something critical to the project doesn’t work right in C10. If you still have 9.5 around then it’s easy enough to open the old project there, render what you need to audio and import into a C10 version of the project. If you only have C10, you’re stuck.

I’ve got 8.5, 9.0, 9.5 & 10.0 all on my system.

Good advice, but I tend not to follow it all the time. :smiley: However, with Cubase, I usually wait until it’s at “x.0.30” before trusting it though… so that’s about 6-7 months from now. So typically, I would keep the current and prior versions on the DAW until the new version would hit 10.0.30. Right now we’re at 10.0.5, and judging by prior patterns, we’ll likely get 10.0.10 in a matter of weeks, etc… and eventually by 10.0.30 it will be decent.

But in this case, there are some features that I can’t wait to use (eagerly waiting for ARA 2 and want to use some of the key workflow improvements I’ve been asking for if I get a chance!), and then some features are frankly essential to me (like the improved multi-core support… which I’m testing right now, to good effect – thank you Steinberg!), so I’ve jumped the gun on Cubase 10 and am rolling the dice already, and Cubase 9.5 is already uninstalled. We’ll see what happens. I don’t have mission-critical projects in Cubase 9.5 though. So I am not sweating it.

I also use other DAWs quite a bit (most recently I’ve become a fan of Studio One, which is currently at 4.1.1, and it has been truly outstanding for several paid client jobs, so Presonus has gained my deep respect), so my situation already has redundancy and risk spread out over my projects and DAWs… and so it was easy to kiss Cubase 9.5 goodbye. I also use Nuendo 8, so that sort of covers Cubase 9.5 territory if needed. So I’m actually not sure how much I will actually use Cubase 10 on the next big project anyway, and therefore I have time to see how the bugfix patches roll out. Of course if there’s any surround requirement, then of course, I’ll have to use Cubase or Nuendo… or heaven forbid, fire up my license of Pro Tools HD. :frowning:

So in my case, my situation is very flexible. But in general, raino’s advice is really solid, especially if you are a single-DAW user, have any current critical projects that rely on Cubase 9.5, and especially considering with Cubase’s track record in the past. Hopefully, Cubase 10’s lifespan will be an improvement over recent Cubase iterations. But raino’s advice should be considered.

As always, YMMV, and your situation will be unique.

Apart from the argument of whether is is wise to keep old releases around, if a person only wants to have 10 installed, which is better:

A) Install 10, then remove 9.5 (or whatever earlier release you have)

B) Remove all releases, then install 10

In my case, I have 9.5, but I haven’t really been using it too much. I am more inclined to use 10 because of the upcoming ARA support. I don’t have any 9.5 projects that would mess me up if I couldn’t open them in 10.

Personally, I B) removed Cubase 9.5 first, then rebooted, then installed Cubase 10. But I’ve found Steinberg’s installers (and uninstallers) to behave pretty well in general, so I wouldn’t be too concerned either way.

Or you would have to set everything up again. Much easier to keep the old version and have the new version take over the old settings.
The old version takes up so little space, really no reason to uninstall.
On Windows use the normal way of uninstalling, DON’T use any 3rd party uninstallers, they can easily mess up your system .

I started a thread about this but nobody is responding. I finished a project of songs in C9. So far C9.5 will open a song project but C10 causes a poof and completely gone crash. No way am I uninstalling PRO 9+ versions until I at least get a handle on the C10 issues.

Actually getting some help in the “poof crash” thread now. Thanks again guys.

Use method A
Then your Preferences, Presets, Recent Files, etc. should all get transferred to the new installation. And yes the xfer doesn’t always work - there are a bunch of threads already on that topic.

Additionally if anything goes wrong with the install having an older known functioning version available can be invaluable in sorting out what’s happening.