Uninstalled e-Licencenser app, Nuendo hangs on VSTconnect.dll

Im glad to get rid of my taped up e-licenser (that thing really held up)

However, when I uninstalled the e-licenser program, nuendo wouldnt load, hangs on initializing vstconnect.dll

This is because the vst connect is still looking for old e-licenser.

Used Steinberg download manager
under categroy “cloud”

downloaded and installed latest VST connect SE.

Now I can uninstall e-licenser…

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Why? This little app doesn’t harm and it will be reinstalled every time you start the Download Assistant. It is part of a set of utilities, like Activation and Library Manager, that will be updated automatically.

You get into a loop of uninstalling and reinstalling the tool, so just ignore it.

brings back traumatic e-licenser experiences:
-like the time I had to drive back over he bridge right before a session because I left my e-licenser

-like the time I clicked he dreaded “perform maintnence tasks” and it came back with a message “broken e-licenser”

-like the time it got bent from hanging out the back of the machine in its USB port, hence the elecrical tape holding it together

-or even before that when I had to search for a motherboard with a parallel port (vst32 days)