Uninstalling 32-bit versions [resolved]

I’ve got a 64-bit system with a couple of 32-bit installs left over from versions 5 and 6 which I don’t need any more. I’m just wondering how safe it is to uninstall them, without upsetting the 64-bit versions? I know that program and pref folders are separate and there are distinct registry keys, but in case I’ve missed anything, I thought I’d better ask around first.

This also applies to HalionOne and Halion Sonic SE.

Please, no guesswork, just if you’ve done it.


No one?

I have removed both versions 32 and 64 bit of Cubase 6, since installing 7. Didn’t have any problems. I needed the space.

Thanks but I really need to know if the 64-bit version still runs when removing the 32-bit. You’ve done more than I need. Thanks all the same, C

Just in case anyone needs to know, here’s the official line:

yes, it safe to uninstall 32-bit versions.

As you write, the reside in different folders, so they also are independent installations.

You can see different entries in the Programs and Features panel of Windows as well, so that you can selectively uninstall the 32 bit versions of Cubase and VST instruments.

Please, make sure you don’t uninstall the VSTi’s content, as thet is shared and used by all Cubase versions - “content” is clearly specified in the entries’ names, so nothing to worry about.