Uninstalling Cubase 12. My brain hurts

Hi all (I’m using Windows 11)

I have opened Cubase 7.5 to continue work on an older project and I get a message telling me that there is no licence for Padshop. I guess this is because I installed the Cubase 12 trial which has now expired and I’m seeing a Padshop 2 VST even though the project was using Padshop Pro originally (which is still installed and licenced via the elicencer).

So if I uninstall Cubase 12 Trial (via “Add/Remove programs”) will it revert to my original licenced Padshop Pro without demanding a licence for Padshop 2?

EDIT: I can see Padshop 2 in add/remove programs but am concerned it may remove my Padshop Pro installation (which is NOT listed in add/remove programs).

I left Cubase 12 on the PC assuming that it wouldn’t interfere with my Cubase 7.5 installation or VSTs. I can’t see a way of removing Cubase 12 Trial in the activation manager or via any of the other Steinberg bloatware programs.

I’ve already lost a couple of hours of work time due to this and am slowly losing the will to live :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help.


UPDATE: It appears that installing the Cubase 12 trial OVERWRITES your older Steinberg VST instruments so if you decide not to upgrade and remove Cubase 12 then your Steinberg VSTs will not work without a valid licence. I’ve had to reinstall PadShop Pro and Retrologue.

I think I may have to go back to ProTools. I’m losing the plot with Steinberg.

Hi @aromadome,

although I can relate to the amount of frustration that you’ve described, I think that perhaps we shouldn’t really blame Steinberg for not offering 100% downwards compatibility for complex and regularly & massively developed software like Cubase, over a time frame of almost ten years.

Your version Cubase (Pro / Artist) 7.5 was published in Dec. 2013. There still is almost perfect downwards compatibility from Cubase 11 to your respective version 7.5 - right before the change to the new Steinberg Licensing and when Cubase / Nuendo 12 were released in early 2022, that is.

If you want to continue working with Cubase 7.5, you can of course completely de-install Cubase Pro 12 (which you mention to have used as the 30-day trial), and then repair Cubase 7.5 and its version-related environmental files (like some specific *.vstsound containers with their presets) which sadly got overwritten by the Cubase Pro 12 installer. Just one more detail: if you install Cubase 7.5(.40) into the same folder, please don’t forget to install it for all users if you did so when you installed it last time.

Here are the direct download links, hope this helps:

→ the Cubase legacy page:

Cubase | Steinberg

→ the Cubase 7.5.x page (main installer & update to version 7.5.40).

Cubase 7.5 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

Cheers and - hopefully - Happy Holidays,