Uninstalling Cubase Correctly

Hey need some help…

I tried to load a project today. It loaded fine but once I hit play it just glitched out and crashed. Pretty angry because I put 4 days into it and I was just finishing up :imp: .

Anyway I have the project file backed up. So after giving up trying to get the project to work I decided to reinstall Cubase 9.5. It didn’t seem obvious how exactly that is suppose to be done, with all its different modules. So in the end I just removed everything from the Control Panel.

Something must have gone wrong becuase every time I try to now install cubase it just loads the install splash screen then nothing.

I have no idea what to do now. I really don’t want to reinstall windows because I have a bunch of plugins and samples and it would take a long time.

Hi and welcome,

Do you install Cubase 9.5 from the Full Installer?

What operating system do you use?