Uninstalling Cubase Elements 9

Hi, first post here.
Long time Cubase User (v3.0 on an Atari MegaSTe). I switched to Logic about a decade ago and recently ditched all my Apple stuff and came back to Cubase on Windows.
Thing is, I got Cubase Elements 9 and I’ve just installed the upgrade to Artist 9, so the question is, is it safe to uninstall Elements now, considering what I’ve bought is the upgrade?
On the start menu, under Steinberg, there is an option to uninstall Artist, but not Elements, so I’d have to do it from the control panel. That’s why I’m not 100% sure it’s a safe move.

Any advice will be appreciated.

You can delete the Elements version safely from the windows control panel.

The actual Cubase software applications are separate. Before deleting the Elements version make sure to consider a few things… like, is my Artist version working properly like it should before I trash the Elements version. Also, If the Elements version license is on a soft eLicenser (versus the Artist license which is on a USB eLicenser) you may have a need or reason to run both versions.

Again, bottom line… yes you can remove it safely.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks for the reply. Uninstalling…
Regarding the licence. The activation code for the Artist version was the same I had for the Elements. I suppose they just associate it with the upgrade. In fact, it wouldn’t let me install it on the USB eLicencer until I transferred the old one from the soft to the USB.