uninstalling Cubase elements after upgrading to Pro?

Hi, I had Cubase Elements 10, and upgraded to Cubase Pro last week - it’s great but now I’m running out of hard drive space very fast.
I noticed that Cubase Elements is still installed – is there a way to get rid of it now, which I think should free up around 10-15 GB based on how big that software was? Or are all the resources shared between the two versions of Cubase and it’s only the actual application file for ELements that is extra?

I also noticed something strange, when I run the updater to the latest version, it is requiring around 25GB of free space on the hard drive, even though it’s just the updater and Cubase Pro is already installed - that is a bug, I think? (I thought it would just patch my installation to the latest version) I run Cubase on Mac if that makes a difference.

Yes, you can uninstall Elements using whatever is normal for your OS.
You won’t get 15GB back, however, as much of that 15GB is content which is common to Pro and resides in a shared Steinberg directory.
The plugins, instruments etc will not have been installed twice.

i use mac os, and there does not seem to be an uninstaller. I can delete the app for Cubase Elements, but none of the supporting files, because I would need to manually drag them to the trash, but many are probably used by Cubase Pro.
Is there an uninstaller for elements for Mac? Or a list somewhere of the files that are Elements-only and are not needed by Cubase Pro?

i got same problem (mac os) and now it’s 2024. any reply would be greatly appreciated.