Uninstalling Cubase11 after upgrading to 12

After upgrading to Cubase Pro12 Cubase Pro11 is still installed and works. I’m thinking I should uninstall it to save space. How should I do that?


Yes, you can uninstall Cubase 11. If you are in Windows, use the common uninstaller. If you are on Mac, just delete the application.

You won’t gain much space though. The Cubase Program is pretty small, the content is what consumes space. And it won’t get deleted if you uninstall C11 since C12 also uses all that content.

I recommend keeping an older version (or three) of Cubase installed. First, it allows you to access tools & plug-ins that are no longer supporter in C12. Second, since they can both be running at the same time it allows you to have two active Projects open at the same time.


Thanks for your insight and recommendations. I keep all my content on a separate hard drive anyway but my computer’s getting full. I’ll keep it and see what else I can get rid of. :slight_smile: