Uninstalling H6 demo,and use my H5 again?

I removed the h6 demo license,and it still gives me 5 work hours,but I want to use H5 in new projects,so ill dont have compatibility issues later.
Of course I dont see H5 right now,im forced to use H6! If I uninstall H6 im not sure I it uninstall H5 as well!!

Really thank you steinberg for hijacking my projects with H6 trial… :smiling_imp: (stupid decision)
why a trial version should be used automatically and replaced with excising project using H5 ?
i decided not to purchase H6 right now (or ever now cuz im pis-sed off) i uninstall H6 trial,now i dont have H5 anymore, installed H5 again, and now my projects with H5 are loaded empty with no sounds in H5…F**ckin nightmare

Most plugins with backwards compatibility work that way, they must replace the previous version to work 100% as intended.

To revert to Halion 5, uninstall Halion 6, Halion Sonic 3 and their content using the Windows control panel and then reinstall Halion 5, plus the Halion 5 and Halion Sonic 2 content. It was painless for me. (I liked Halion 6 but I can’t afford it right now!)

its a trial version,and every project i opend used with H5 or HS2 it replaced it with H6/HS3…
well nice,but when i wanted to revert to halion 5 i had to uninstall H6, and it uninstalled H5 too !!
not only that’ after i installed H5 again (i didnt install the content again cuz i didnt uninstall the H5/6 content, just removed the new H6 libraries with halion content manger)
any way the Halion content is there, but with exciting projects i worked with ,that H6 replaced H5 ,when H5 loaded again after uninstalling H6, all Halion 5 and HS2 where with no sound in the sound slots…
i had to reload and guess by channel name and try to match all sound for those projects all over again !!!
project that i didnt open(furtantly) after the installation of H6 trial, are loaded fine with H5 and the proper sounds.
any way i had a very bad experience with H6 trial installation over H5 with compatibility issues when decided to stay with H5 …
felt like hijacking “if you dont pay for the upgrade you will have troubles” pay with bitcoins :unamused: