Uninstalling old versions

Hi All,

Could anyone let me know how to uninstall old versions of Cubase with damaging my most recent version please? I am running short of drive space & have versions going back as far as 8! I have searched but I am probably using the wrong search words if there is anything about it here.

I am using a MacBook Pro 2015.



Hi, fatjac

Installing or uninstalling ? Because your thread title contradicts your OP… I guess it’s uninstalling, reading your whole post. AFAIK, you should be able to safely uninstall the previous versions you have without altering the most recent one, as normally, each version you are using has its own folder/preferences and settings and the Steinberg content/plug-ins stuff use common ones.

FWIW, I recently got rid of my 10.5.20 installation, keeping only 10.0.60 and 11.0.30, without any issue, so far. This, for the Pro version and using a Windows 10 system. But I guess that it could be done the same way with an OSX based one. In your case, I would try first to uninstall the one you really no longer need, such as the 8.x.x one…

Yes UN installing…I will correct the post thanks.

What I am concerned about is losing preferences, plug ins etc. So exactly how would I uninstall the previous versions? If I use say AppZapper will it take out things that I need to keep? Should I simply drag & drop the old versions into the trash?

I just edited my previous post to clarify : from my experience, preferences are copied from version n to n+1 in its related folder, during upgrade processes. So, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Beside this, I have uninstalled 10.5.20 without any added tool : to be honest, I wouldn’t rely on it, but I’m a Windows user : maybe it’s different for OSX ones…

Thanks, I wonder if any Mac users have anything to add just in case that it’s a bit different?

Each instillation of Cubase is independent of every other instillation. When installing it will try (not always successfully) to copy and use the settings from the previous version. But it is always a new independent copy. So deleting one installation of Cubase will not effect any of the others.