Uninstalling trial


How do i completely remove the steinberg download assistant and elements trial from mac os 10.15.5 please ?

Is there an uninstaller please ?

I just want to know in case its not for me.


Would really appreciate a quick reply if possible ?


The same way you would uninstall any other programs. I’m not a Mac user so cannot tell exactly how you do that on Mac.

Thanks for help khs.

I was hoping for an uninstaller but there appears not to be one.

I know how to remove programs but sometimes it doesnt get all of it and you have to go into terminal which is not something i want to do.

Interested in getting pro version but installing elements trial may create conflict ?

No it shouldn’t give any conflict. Cubase LE/AI/Elements are one installer and program and Cubase Artist/Pro is another installer and program.

Thanks khs.

Could a steinberg employee confirm this please ?

Ive looked but couldnt find any info on this on steinberg site.

This is a user forum and not official Steinberg support forum.

There are no issues to have both installed and no issues with uninstalling the Elements trial if you decide to buy the Pro version. They are not the same program.

Ah sorry about that, i thought it was steinberg.

My apologies and thank you for the help. Its much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Gonna give it a shot.