Unison install - Where do I place samples?

I just bought Unison

The install instructions are as follows;

MIDI Files Setup

1). Download & unzip the folder named “Unison MIDI Chord Pack”

2). After extracting the main folder, place the folder named “Unison MIDI Chord Pack” where you normally put your sample packs and locate it inside your DAW’s browser. Or, locate the “Unison MIDI Chord Pack” folder from any file path.

3). Simply drag & drop your desired chords/progressions onto any MIDI track inside your DAW.

4). Load up an instrument and enjoy!

Where do I normally put my sample packs?
How do I access Cubase’s browser to located the files?

I know how to add a folder to the scanned folder list for VSTs. Is this a similar process?
Any help appreciated


These are not sample packs, these are MIDI files. You can install it to any path and then set MediaBay to scan this folder.

Thanks. I’ve never used Media Bay, looks like I need to investigate how it works.